Online Kosher Supermarket

On August 4th Ricky Dweck saw ads for Avi Glatt Kosher and tweeted about it. I then saw the ads for the online kosher supermarket on a bus, so I thought I’d check it out.


Although I was never one for online supermarket shopping (online everything else shopping is a different story), I think it’s a great idea! They deliver kosher food to anywhere in the United States.

The website can use some work, though. It’s not as user-friendly as FreshDirect (which has a limited selection of kosher products), and they can definitely use a copy-editor.

Does anyone shop at Avi Glatt Kosher? What do you think?

2 responses to “Online Kosher Supermarket

  1. this website is horrible! stephanie send them your resume ASAP so you can be their copy editor. i felt like i was trying to read code. other then that cool idea to have a kosher foodstore online.

  2. their delivery is kinda backwards and usually takes a few days until they remember to send it…. order wayyyyyyy in advance!

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