Kosher Food at Yankee Stadium

Last night my husband and I went to the Yankee game; It was my first time at the new Yankee Stadium, and I was excited to try the kosher food, which is provided by Ouri’s Caterers from Brooklyn (I’m pretty sure they provide food for Citi Field, too). There are five kosher food stands at Yankee Stadium. We visited three.

kashrut certification

kashrut certification

first food stand

first food stand

The first food stand gave us a hard time because we wanted to pay with a credit card. They accept credit cards, but it’s slow so he doesn’t like to. I ordered anyway, but when [my husband] Zeke said he wanted a shawarma, they said they only have shawarma at gate 111, so we went to find the next food stand.

When we found the next kosher stand there was a long line, and we waited 30 minutes on it. By the time we got up to the counter, the guy working there told us they were closing because they didn’t have any food left, and that they’ll reopen soon. I actually saw at least seven hot dogs and enough shawarma for one sandwich. We went to find the next food stand.

We went to the second level and didn’t have to wait at all to get our food. They were out of chicken nuggets, so I ordered a burger and a knish. Zeke got a hot dog and a burger. They also ran out of sauerkraut.

IMG_1013The food was packaged in Yankees gear – pinstriped boxes for your burger and hot dogs wrapped Yankee foil – how cool!

My food happened to be delicious. After the hassle and the horrible service, I really enjoyed my meal. The burger came with lettuce, pickles, onion, and two tomato slices (that I took out) and was flavored very nicely. The knish stayed hot while we walked around finding our seats. It had a good flavor, but I suspect I could get it from the freezer section of my supermarket. The prices were ridiculous, but that’s expected at a place where a beer is 10 bucks. I would definitely order a burger from there again. I would have liked to taste the falafel and see what comes on the mazza plate, so maybe next time.

The menu was very limited (no french fries!), but I have to say the food was delicious. It was definitely fun to be able to eat burgers and hot dogs at the baseball game.

menu menu 2

3 responses to “Kosher Food at Yankee Stadium

  1. I ate non-kosher food and it was gross! I should have visited Ouri’s!

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  3. my dad actually told me that the fried kibbe from the mazze plate is terrific. go figure.

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