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flaky deliciousness

flaky deliciousness

Ever since I saw Ina Garten going to the bakery and buying six croissants for a breakfast party (why she needed so many for so few people at her breakfast party I have no idea) I wondered how hard they would be to make. I googled “croissant recipes,” but really got no good instructions. Everyone I mentioned making croissants to told me I was crazy, just buy them. Instead, I bought a cookbook that happened to have really good instructions for folded pastry dough.

We planned to bake these on a day when we had lots of time, a fast day. We stayed up all night doing the first three turns and then shaped, proofed, and baked them the next day. It was hard to do this without just tasting the dough, but we had a delicious meal to break the fast with. We froze the leftovers and had them for Saturday lunch.

In the end we had 24 croissants. They weren’t giant like bakery croissants, but they were definitely delicious.

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Online Kosher Supermarket

On August 4th Ricky Dweck saw ads for Avi Glatt Kosher and tweeted about it. I then saw the ads for the online kosher supermarket on a bus, so I thought I’d check it out.


Although I was never one for online supermarket shopping (online everything else shopping is a different story), I think it’s a great idea! They deliver kosher food to anywhere in the United States.

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We got a Kitchenaid and we LOVE it!


Our favorite new toy.

It’s a Professional 5 Plus in willow (read: blue) and can mix up to 12 cups of flour.
We ordered it from ruelala.
This is going to make baking so much easier!

Noodles and Kelsonnes

These baked egg noodles and kelsonnes (kel-SON-ess) are easy and delicious. We keep the ravioli-like envelopes in the freezer and boil them with the noodles for a quick dinner.

The crunchy and almost burnt parts are my favorite.

The crunchy and almost burnt parts are my favorite.

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After many years of finding challah recipes from books, cookbooks, and online, I finally found the best recipe. My cousin Sally gave it to me a while ago, but I was skeptical to use a recipe that used an entire 5-pound bag of flour. It was worth it; everyone at the shabbat table loved it, and there were no leftovers.

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