Kosher Foodies 1st Birthday Giveaway

The Kosher Foodies are turning 1!

Wait, no. The Kosher Foodies is turning one. The Kosher Foodies are a bit older than that…

Well, in celebration of the anniversary of our blog first blog post we will be giving out a special Kosher Foodie gift basket to one lucky winner!

All you have to do is comment on this post; tell us what your favorite recipe is and what you hope to get in your gift basket. It’s really that easy, so leave a comment! Tell your friends! We will announce the winner on the night of our birthday: Tuesday, July 13.

Happy birthday to our blog!

32 responses to “Kosher Foodies 1st Birthday Giveaway

  1. Well, happy birthday!!

    My favorite recipe? So hard to narrow it down to just one . . . Well, I haven’t gotten a chance to make it yet, but every time I open this blog, I salivate over the cinnamon rolls pictured at the top.

    As for what I would hope would be in a gift basket . . . I love all kinds of baking supplies: cupcake wrappers, sprinkles, some hard-to-get kosher items, cookbooks, I don’t know what else. Free stuff is always good!

  2. Ooohhh, the Korean Rice Bowl has been my favorite and has become a regular in our meal plans. It’s been a cinch to put together.

    What would I like in a gift basket? Well, since I’m new to kosher cooking – ANYTHING! LOL! Sad but true, hehe.

  3. Sally Shatzkes

    Happy Birthday and congrats on an awesome blog! I havent tried everything but I loved the apple cranberry crisp. And what I would love in a gift basket would be those delicious biscotti!

  4. Let’s see. I also haven’t tried your cinnamon rolls yet, but want to try making them soon. (As soon as we have a cool day:) ) I would love a basket of surprises! Maybe printouts of all the recipes you’ve featured, some recipe cards, and a few “special” ingredients for making a couple of your recipes. ie. the caramels, etc.


  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy 1 year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have to say your blondies look amazing and I’m a sucker for them so that would be my favorite recipe.
    I would LOVE to get a gift basket full of homemade goodies to sample!! I love desserts! 🙂

  7. My favorite recipe is your Black & White cookies, which I never considered making at home but now maybe I’ll give them a try. The idea of adding lemon zest and juice to them is great – I love a little lemon flavor in my baked foods.

    As for what I’d want in the goodie basket besides some Black & White cookies and maybe your cinnamon rolls, maybe a compilation of your recipes or a gift certificate to Zabar’s or some other jewish food emporium.

    Seth Front
    The Jewish Zodiac (a deli food zodiac)

  8. I’d say fried smashed potatoes – except I didn’t fry them I baked them. I also want to try the Korean rice bowl bc I love the vegetarian version I’ve had. A gift basket of home-made food/desserts would be great! Happy Anniversary.

  9. love banana cream pie. wait…has that been posted yet?

    put some jam in the gift basket…

    happy birthday, may you live to 120!

    • banana cream pie – don’t remind me! i can’t handle how good it was. don’t worry people, that will be posted soon. and it will be worth the wait, i promise!

  10. My favorite ever recipe is my mom’s noodle pudding – kugel to most people. No idea why my family calls it noodle pudding but mom’s recipe is delicious 🙂
    I’d like some unique kosher vegetarian foods in the gift basket, or chocolate. chocolate is always a nice gift!

  11. Mushroom stuffed mushrooms! Yum for an appetizer or dinner.

  12. P.S., happy anniversary and keep up the good work!

    For a gift basket, anything wonderfully kosher. I’d give it to my mom. She’s the kosher queen.

  13. Happy Blog Birthday Kosher foodies!

    How can I possibly pick just one recipe? I love so many of them! But if I narrow it down I’m going to have to go in a carb heavy direction.

    I’m split between the Rosh Hashana Challah and the Amish White Bread.

    My Challah came out too dense bc it was freezing in my apartment that weekend and the bread didn’t rise enough, but it still made delicious french toast.

    The Amish White Bread was perfect and delicious and made my run-of-the-mill turkey sandwiches feel decadent.

    Good luck in the future K.Foodies! You are awesome. Keep postin’ postin’ postin’!

  14. Claudine ades

    The recipe for the salted butter caramels looks so delicious It makes me crave it every time I see it. In my basket i would love any type of dessert or fun kitchen gadget. Those r my 2 most favorite things! Congratulations on a great first year! : )

  15. Mushrooom-stuffed Mushrooms! 🙂

  16. i just discovered your website and i love everything already
    as far as a gift basket
    “A little bit of this – a little bit of that”

  17. JAM!!!
    i loved your rasberry jam, i ate a lot of it as well. i would like to enjoy some more, maybe we will have to go berry picking this summer. … i think the season is the end of august, which is also my 1 anniversary and 21 birthday month, so if i get the givaway basket… it could be a birthday and anniversary gift from kosher foodies! how cool is that!!!!

    Jam is also something i would never try to make… it just has to many steps if you know what i mean. so i really appreciate your effort lol.

    as for the basket… gadgets, fun things ,a cookbook written by kosher foodies, jam, a slow cooker.. i have to get one of those eventually… the thought of making dinner the night before or in the morning.. is genius!

  18. Happy Blogoversary!

    The jam of course!

  19. my favorite recipes would definitely be the new york deli brisket and the butter nut squash soup/ melody of roasted vegetables. Congrats on your first anniversary!!!

  20. I have never made my own jam so that would be my choice.

    Baskets should be a surprise. How difficult am I being?

  21. My favorite recipes would be the sangria and the pizza because not only were both delicious, but because we were able to eat them together!

  22. Happy Birthday!!
    I’m so impressed with how much you’ve grown in only 1 year!!
    I haven’t had time to cook with school and all – but the recipes that I’m most excited to make when I start cooking again :

    Savory: Salmon packet
    Sweet: Banana ice cream with PB swirl

    Thanks for providing delicious distractions throughout my studying!

    I would eat anything in a gift basket – possibly the basket 🙂

  23. Happy Anniversary! My favorite recipe is the stuffed mushrooms, male them all the time. I also like the pumpkin ravioli appitizers! As for the gift basket, I’m hoping for some homemade delicacys and maybe a good knife?!

  24. Congrats on the big accomplishment!
    I’ve made some of the stuff but have yet to try the caramels and cinnamon buns yet. those will have to wait till one day when i have more time on my hands.
    as for in a gift basket anything would make me happy especially if its sweet or i can use it in the kitchen..


  26. The caramels were delicious! I ate sooo many of them, it was kind of sick.

    I’m hoping to get something really delicious and homemade!

  27. I just started reading, but I have to make a (kosher) dessert for my boss’s birthday party coming up so I decided to make the strawberry muffins from your blog!

    I’d love homemade treats in the basket, perhaps a nice muffin tin or a cookbook with some healthy kosher recipes! Any food gadgets to help me in the kitchen would be great!

  28. well sisters, i haven’t replicated any of your recipes but i have tasted many that you have fed me and my favorite thus far is the banana cream pie. happy happy blog birthday.

  29. Even in a blog, your grammatical prowess astounds me. As do your delicious treats!

  30. congrats to KATHLEEN for winning our birthday giveaway!
    We will contact you privately to send you an extra-special goody bag.

    Thank you everyone for commenting, and keep visiting! We will have more fun prizes and giveaways in the future.

    Have you tried a recipe? Comment in the post to let us and readers know how you enjoyed it 🙂

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