Leftovers – Dill Sauce


Like Lori said, this recipe makes way too much dill sauce! So here’s my not-as-fancy version of eggs benedict. Okay, so it’s nothing like eggs benedict: no hollandaise, no canadian bacon, and a sunny side up egg instead of a poached one. At least there’s a toasted English muffin involved.
I made it for breakfast today. You can make it the day after you eat your baked eggs, too. Or you can just make the dill sauce and eat it over eggs, potatoes, or whatever you like.

– One English muffin per person
– One egg per person
Leftover cheddar dill sauce
– Butter

1. Toast the English muffins
2. Heat butter in a skillet until little bubbles form.
3. Crack eggs into a small bowl and transfer to hot pan carefully. Fry until the white is set and not jiggly and the yolk is still runny.
4. Assemble: place the English muffin on a plate. Slide the egg on the bottom half and pour about a tablespoon of the sauce over the egg. Put the top on.

2 responses to “Leftovers – Dill Sauce

  1. Nothing wrong with this. Easy! Plus you used the rest of the dill sauce. Looks good.

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